• Norfolk: 519-426-6170 or 519-582-3579 | Haldimand: 905-318-6623

In-person Interview

After you have contacted our office to apply for child care fee subsidy, you and your spouse (if applicable) will be asked to meet with a Children’s Services Worker. Your appointment with the CSW will last approximately 30 minutes. During the interview, your CSW will review and verify the information you gave us over the phone.

You will need to bring the following documents to the interview:

Income Verification (must provide one of the following for applicant and spouse if applicable):

  • your Notice of Assessment (NOA) for the most recent taxation year, from the Canada Revenue Agency. View a sample of the NOA
  • your Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Notice for the most recent taxation year.  View a sample of the CCTB

If you cannot locate your NOA, you must contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281 and ask that a “Print Option C” be mailed to you.

If you cannot locate your CCTB Notice, you can contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-387-1193 to request a copy of your CCTB Notice.

If you have not filed your Income Tax Return for the most recent taxation year, your eligibility for child care fee subsidy cannot be determined. Please file your Income Tax and once your Notice of Assessment has been received, you may contact our office to apply for fee subsidy.

Address Verification (must provide one of the following):

  • Copy of Lease
  • Copy of Rent Receipt with Address
  • Copy of Current Utility Bill with Address
  • Mortgage Statement/Property Tax Statement
  • Letter from Landlord

Birth Verification (must provide one of the following for each member of the family):

  • Birth Certificate/Statement of Live Birth
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Driver’s License
  • Immigration Papers/Permanent Resident Card/Proof of Citizenship
  • Passport
  • Photo Health Card

Custody Verification (if applicable):

  • Copy of Court Order
  • Letter from Children’s Aid Society
  • Letter signed by both parents outlining primary residence and custody arrangements for any/all children

Reason for Service

(must provide verification of need for child care for yourself and your spouse (if applicable):

If you are working (must provide one of the following):

  • Pay stubs that show the hours you work
  • Letter from employer with the hours worked or the range of hours worked
  • Copy of work schedule

If you are attending school (must provide one of the following):

  • Copy of timetable or school schedule
  • Letter from the school

If you or your child have therapeutic or special needs, have the Child Care Fee Subsidy Recommendation Form completed by an approved professional.

What do I need to do if I am eligible for fee subsidy?

Once it has been determined that you are eligible to receive fee subsidy, a letter will be sent to you and your child care provider to confirm the number of days each week that will be subsidized. The letter will also confirm if you must pay a portion of your child care costs.

While receiving fee subsidy, you must notify our office immediately of any changes in your circumstances (i.e. start a new job, leave a job, change in your working hours, change in your school hours, leave school, change in marital status, change in phone number, change of address).

Your approval for fee subsidy will be granted for up to six (6) months. If fee subsidy is required beyond the approved period of time, it is your responsibility to contact our office at 519-426-6170 or 519-582-3579 or 905-318-6623 extension 3745 to book an update appointment. You must contact our office for an update appointment thirty (30) days prior to the expiry date to ensure there is no interruption to your fee subsidy. You will be required to bring in up to date Income Tax, work and/or school information to update your file.

Each child can be absent from his or her child care for a specific number of days each year. Absenteeism includes all sick, vacation and absent days. If your child is absent beyond the set number of days, you will be required to pay the full daily rate directly to the Child Care operator.

If your child is leaving the child care centre, written notice must be provided to the centre and our office two weeks in advance. If you fail to give proper notice, you may be responsible for the costs of the additional days.